FNW Engineers provides structural and civil engineering on all sizes of projects ranging from Large Custom homes and commercial buildings to small remodels and deck additions. covering a wide variety of customers needs including:

Owner Builders who have the building’s concept but need the structural system laid out and designed

  • ·“Napkin” designs.
  • ·Repeats of existing buildings.
  • ·Plans purchased from design magazines or other sources.


Builders/General Contractors who have the building design and framing laid out but need structural and/or civil design and system options for cost analysis

  • ·Cut and stack roof verses manufactured truss.
  • ·SIP panel construction.
  • ·Moment frame verses pre-manufactured shear walls and braces.
  • ·Remodel and additions feasibility.


Architects who need innovative structural solutions for unusual architectural design

  • ·Tentative member sizes.
  • ·Lateral bracing options and layouts.
  • ·Structural plan sheets or specifications and details easily assimilated into your architectural plan sets.


Building officials looking for plan check assistance and engineer peer review to insure compliance with today’s complex building codes

  • ·Structural plan checks performed.
  • ·Inspection services.
  • ·Building and design ordinance consultation.