About Us

FNW Engineers is a group of engineers  and designers who have been providing structural engineering services in the Lake Tahoe, Truckee and Reno area for over fifteen years. Our clients include architectural firms, general contractors, homeowners and building officials. We offer services for large commercial projects as well as small remodels on single family homes. 

We were founded in 1994 by Rick Fitzgerald, Steve Noonan and Elizabeth (Buff) Wendt in Truckee, CA. The firm focuses mainly on structural engineering, structural drafting, erosion control plans and forensic investigation of building failures and damage.

Clients of our firm include large architectural firms as well as individual designers, municipalities, building contractors and homeowners. Projects have included commercial buildings, public facilities, multi-family and single family dwellings.

The majority of our projects are located in the Lake Tahoe/Truckee/Donner Summit area where experience with snow loads and ice is required for a safe and functional building.

FNW Engineers currently offers a wide variety of services and scope of work. Today’s building environment uses more complex building codes requiring better documentation and analysis. Building products for structural applications are constantly being improved and developed offering the building designer a wide range of materials and methods of construction.   FNW Engineers can help you decide which building materials will be right for your project for fit and finish as well as cost.

FNW Engineers offers structural engineering specifications integrated with our framing plans. Our specifications and details can also be assimilated into your plans if you or your firm are preparing the plan sheets.

FNW Engineers is currently licensed in CA, NV, ID, and OR.