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Do I need Engineering for my Project?

Ground snow loads  in the Lake Tahoe/Truckee/Donner Summit area range from 120 pounds per square foot (psf) to 430 psf. Roofs of buildings constructed in these areas are required to withstand a large portion of the site’s ground snow load. For this reason, almost all structures constructed in these areas require engineering from a licensed engineer or architect.

Are You Thinking About Building This Year?

Get your construction documents completed in the winter months. Then you will be ready to begin construction as soon as spring arrives. Be first in line for preferred builders, permits and materials. Construction documents can require months to prepare. Careful project planning and coordination between design professionals requires more time than clients anticipate. Governing agency plan check time can also be lengthy.

Plan ahead and get started now.

Pre-Purchased Plans

Plans purchased through design magazines or building plan companies typically do not arrive with structural framework specifications. Due to the large roof loading (snow) in this area, large structural members (beams etc.) may be required which may not fit within the original layout of the purchased plan. Do not commit to a purchased plan until it has been determined that the plan can accommodate the required structural framework.